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I do so through the design, implementation and evaluation of innovative compiler and run-time support. Where appropriate, i also do so through the introduction of novel architectural features to parallel systems. My research is systems-oriented and experimental in nature. It involves implementing large software components and the evaluation of research ideas in the context of real working systems and with real applications. I teach courses in several areas of computer engineering. Including programming, algorithms and data structures, computer architecture, compilers and operating systems. I received the first-year engineering teaching award, nine ece paper departmental teaching awards, the faculty of Applied Science and Engineering teaching Award and the faculty's Sustained Excellence in teaching Award. My professional service activities include serving as technical program chair and/or general chair of several leading conferences, including the International Conference on Parallel Processing (icpp ieee's International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (icdcs) and usenix's Virtual Machines Research and Technology symposium (VM). Within the University, i held a number of major administrative positions, including Director of the computer Engineering undergraduate program, Acting First-year Chair and ece's Associate Chair, Graduate Studies. Please use the navigation bar at the top to learn more about my research and teaching and for detailed contact information.

tsa resume

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Degree in shakespeare Computer Science and Engineering from the. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in 1989. I joined the University of Toronto in 1991, where i now hold the rank of full professor. I am a senior member of the ieee, a senior member of the acm and a member of usenix. I am also a licensed professional engineer in the province of Ontario. My research interests are in the general area of parallel systems (e.g., multicores or gpus) and their associated software. My overall research goal is to make these systems easy to use for application scientists and software developers.

tsa resume

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Welcome to my home page at the. I am a member of the. Computer Engineering Research Group in the, edward. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am also a member of the. Department of Computer Science. I received.

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tsa resume

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Wednesday, june 20. Agency, department, and Bureau jobs Transportation Security Officers. Department of Home land Security Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Security Screening Personnel Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) perform a variety of duties related business to providing security and protection of air travelers, airports and aircraft. They may be required to perform passenger screening, baggage screening or both and they are expected to perform all of these duties in a courteous and professional manner. The principal duties and responsibilities include the following: Perform security screening: Of persons, including tasks such as: hand-wanding (which includes the requirement to reach and wand the individual from the floor to over head pat-down searches, and monitoring walk-through metal detector screening equipment of property.

Control entry and exit points Continuously improve security screening processes and personal performance through training and development Job Vacancy lists: Check their website at www. Tsa.gov, for additional information. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Agents average salary 64,000 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) High school - experience or a bs degree or higher for entry level job Located at 327 points of entry guards 6000 miles of borders plus 2000 miles of the Florida. Their mission extends to inspecting travelers and their goods, detecting write and seizing narcotics and other illegal, prohibited or dangerous articles, and interdicting the unlawful entry of undocumented and/or prohibited persons seeking to enter the country. Activities include: Playing a front line role in cbps critical anti-terrorism mission Performing physical checks of travelers, cargo and vehicles Interacting with the traveling public arriving from overseas, as well as inspecting luggage and airborne cargo, in international airports Focusing on ships, containers, cruise passengers.

Dhs.gov/recruitment website, and click on Register for the session that you are interested. You will receive the link and conference call information after registration is completed. The dhs is hiring hundreds of criminal investigators, deportation officers, customs and Border Protection officers, border Patrol agents, special agents, physical security specialists, police officers, emergency management specialists, intelligence analysts, and more. Date, time (et monday, april 23. Wednesday, april 25.

Monday, april 30. Tuesday, may 8. Monday, may 14. Wednesday, may 16. Tuesday, may 22. Wednesday, may 30. Monday, june 4. Wednesday, june 13. Monday, june 18.

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Dhs with funding of approximately 40 billion annuially transferred functions from the department of the Treasury, justice, hhs, defense, fbi, secret Service, gsa, energy, agriculture, transportation, and the. The new organization is comprised of five major directorates. Dhs job listings follow: The department of Homeland Security employs numerous law enforcement officers under several different agencies, including Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, small and the. Patrol agents protect more than 8,000 miles of international land and water boundaries. Their missions are to detect and prevent the smuggling wallpaper and unlawful entry of undocumented foreign nationals into the United States; to apprehend those persons violating the immigration laws; and to interdict contraband, such as narcotics. Address: Washington, dc 20528, (202) 282-8000, dhs jobs Menu, job lists by select occupations, a sampling of occupations employed by the dhs: Click on the job title for current government private sector job listings. To learn more about employment opportunities, visit www. To register for a session, select Webinar Schedule on the www.

tsa resume

entitled to possess marijuana, no seattle port officer would send. Just in case the tsa decides to stop you anyway, coke told the newspaper that its best to act normal, not have outstanding warrants, and allow for extra time at check-in. And it may not be indicative of the entire agencys attitude, but at least one denver-based tsa employee has had a sense of humor about the whole thing. In 2011, when a tsa baggage checker found rapper Freddie gibbss stash, all he or she left was a kindly note : Cmon son. Dhs, jobs / Homeland Security summary / dhs. Agencies bureaus, homeland Security employs over 154,000 federal workers and the departments mission is to protect the United States using state-of-the-art intelligence information. Dhs was established by the homeland Security Act of 2002, (6. 101) to consolidate the functions of 22 agencies under one vast network to protect the United States.

But in states where recreational and/or medical marijuana is legal (and police officers have better things to do than deal with the odd joint lodged in a toiletry kit the cops wont intervene at all: While tsa may never come right out and say that. I hear reports from people flying from one medical use site to another or flying from one part of California to another and they generally report that if they carry their authorization, they simply show the letter and are sent on their way and are. The same policy should apply colorado to washington or Washington to colorado. We wanted to hear from the tsa directly about these anecdotal reports, but when we called the agency, we were told by recorded message that staff had been reduced because of the government shutdown, and media communications would resume once the furlough had ended. However, local Colorado and Washington publications already sought to answer this question at either endand judging by their reports, Stroups analysis holds. In 2010, local Denver blog, westword asked a regional tsa official if the same rule applied to flights with transfers in non-medical marijuana states. Tsa spokeswoman Carrie good harmon confirmed it didas long as passengers had proper documentation and didnt leave the area by the gate.

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By sydney brownstone 2 minute read, this past summer, Illinois became the 20th state to allow marijuana for paper medical use within its borders. And, just last month, colorado became the first to set rules for legal, recreational marijuana businesses. With decriminalization pending in several more, its fair to wonder how the Transportation Security Administration might deal with a nation gradually relaxing its attitude towards possession state by state. According to m, if youre flying within California or between Washington and Colorado, where some possession of marijuana has been okayed for recreational use, the tsa generally wont give you a hard time. The reason for that, according. Tsa policy, is that the tsa wont actively search for drugs. The catch: If tsa officers do find drugs, they can send you over to law enforcement.

tsa resume
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I am a member of the computer Engineering Research Group in the Edward. Design a better tsa checkpoint and win 5 000.

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  1. Information on security architect resume writing and sample resume. Build and maintain a, tSA specific it security architecture. Tarek abdelrahman @ University of Toronto.

  2. Tsa still has the power to stop you at the airport in places where it s legal. Tsa doesnt seem to keep clear records of incidents of theft and the subsequent firings. Aside from the scanner complaints and reported gropings, tsa has established an impressive resume of criminal conduct.

  3. For information on specific travel rules and regulations, visit. Game day trains, resume read more. As more states decriminalize medicinal and recreational pot, the.

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