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For autobiography is the inclusive and summary form of what we call themes of experience. It may contain reminiscences, descriptions of places, of animals, of people, the identification of characteristic preferences and prejudices, and other matters as well. It has the traits of all these minor forms. An autobiography is objectively true, but is not indiscriminately inclusive. It presents a selection of detailed episodes with sufficient fullness to preserve their essential qualities. It is usually written within the framework defused by a consistent point of view. It presents its subject in more than two dimensions, fusing the person and his actions with setting, manner and purpose.

40 marks people write and publish autobiographies and autobiographical sketches persuasive for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is to put on record the events of a famous or influential career. But not all autobiographies, not even the autobiographies most frequently and widely read, are by famous or extraordinary men. Another reason is to hand on to others, wisdom won through experience and hard labour. Yet many fine autobiographers seem to have little concern to teach or to persuade. A third reason is to distill from past experience events, persons, and situations which hold a firm place in memory, and to put true values on them. In this sense, autobiography is, as Somerset maugham has said, a summing-up, and its first utility is to its author himself. Whatever its purpose or the fame of the man who writes it, autobiography is a thing created out of the recollections of life. It is not life itself. Whether it be valuable or useless depends upon whether it is well- or ill- made. Good autobiographies can be mined from inconspicuous lives.

essay on shimla in english

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Most people seldom use impartiality and justice in the innermost evaluation of their own actions. Even those who are too harsh in the judgement of other peoples actions, for whom they always have words of criticism and reproach, do not escape the usual tendency. When their own faults are concerned, they find a full, lenient, absolvent justification. In this way, not only it denotes lack of character, but mistakes often end up incorporated to human habits. By acting this way, an individual loses his self-respect and his sense of character and dignity and becomes corrupted. What everyone should do, is to face up his mistakes and avoid new mistakes, by improving his sense of morals and values, with the help of his will-power. (537 words) Précis 2 (40m) make a précis of the following passage in about one-third add of its length.

essay on shimla in english

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Thus, having known and experienced suffering, the spirit, in countless reincarnations, gradually frees itself from evil actions and, through enlightenment and conviction follows the rigid tracks of a flawless conduct. It is of great significance to talk about morals and values but it is also crucial to define the lines of character that everyone should consider in their lives. Some of the most important ones are: good judgement, fairness, common sense, punctuality, loyalty, courage, magnanimity, dignity, gratitude, politeness, faithfulness, moderation, truthfulness, self-respect, respect for others, etc. All these qualities, if properly cultivated, compose a prime set of dignifying virtues which accounts for a refined character. For example, we all make mistakes and to err is human. However, once an honest person is advised and becomes convinced of his mistake, he should admit it and try not to repeat. Unfortunately it is common practice to conceal ones mistakes, instead of avoiding them. This is very detrimental to spiritual growth.

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essay on shimla in english

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Honesty in business dealings or in other areas are not the only measures of morals and values. The strength of character of a person is also measured by uncompromising aversion to cowardice, intrigue, envy, ambiguity, falsehood, disloyalty, treachery, in short, all undignified actions. There are, in reality, few human beings endowed with mart a truly spotless character. This is because an almost immaculate character does not exist until the last lives in human form. Educated individuals are not necessarily endowed with good morals and values.

In fact, some of them use education and their intellect as a tool for deceit. However, the advantages and the need for education and culture cannot be denied. They contribute largely for the development of intellectual ability and the power to reason, which are the means by which the spirit analyses, compares, infers and arrives at conclusions in the search for truth about the meaning of life. The most precious assets of the soul are its morals and values, but they are not easy to build. The character of each person requires longer periods of thoughtfulness, reasoning and the practice of those values, during many reincarnations, in the course of which, ideas sink in under life experiences. It is only after enduring much disillusionment, grief, injustice and ingratitude for many successive corporeal lives, that a person will be able to measure, in the innermost recesses of his soul, the extent of human moral misery. Then, disgusted, he rebels against it and opens the door to a more ethical and honourable life.

All the data in the world cannot teach us how to sift through data; images dont show us how to process images. The only way to do justice to our onscreen lives is by summoning exactly the emotional and moral clarity that cannot be found on any screen. Maybe that is why more and more people, even if they have no religious commitment, seem to be turning to yoga or meditation, or tai chi; these are not New Age fads so much as ways to connect with what could be called the wisdom. A series of tests in recent years has shown that after spending time in a quiet rural setting, subjects exhibit greater attentiveness, stronger memory and generally improved cognition. Their brains become both calmer and sharper.

More than that, empathy, as well as deep thought, depends on neural processes that are inherently slow. The very ones our high-speed lives have little time for. Questions: (10 x 5 50 Marks) According to the author, what is likely to become a scarcity in the future? What ability have people lost thanks to the constant inflow of data? Why does the author say, we have more and more ways to communicate, but less and less to say? Why are people taking an active interest in old-age fads? Why is modern man unable to empathise with others? Précis 1 (60m) make a précis of the following passage in about one-third of its length. Please do not suggest a title.

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Yet few of those voices can be heard these days, precisely because breaking news is coming through perpetually on the news channels, and paper meena is posting images of her summer vacation and the phone is ringing. We barely have enough time to see how little time we have. And the more that floods in on us, the less of ourselves we have to give to every snippet. We have more and more ways to communicate, as Thoreau noted, but less and less to say. Partly because we are so busy communicating. And — as he might also have said — we are rushing to meet so many deadlines that we hardly register that what we need most are lifelines. So what to do? The central paradox of the machines that have made our lives so much brighter, quicker, longer and healthier is that they cannot teach us how to make the best use of them; the information revolution came without an instruction manual.

essay on shimla in english

Read carefully the passage given below and write your answers to the questions that follow in clear, correct, and concise language of your own. 50 marks In barely one generation, weve moved from exulting in the time-saving devices that have so expanded our lives, to trying to get away from them — often, in order to make more time. The more ways we have to connect, the more many of us seem desperate to unplug. Like a book teenager, we appear to have gone from knowing nothing about the world to knowing too much, all but overnight. The average person spends at least eight and a half hours a day in front of the screen. The average teenager spends or receives 75 text messages a day. Since luxury, as any economist will tell you, is a function of scarcity, the children of tomorrow will crave nothing more than freedom, if only for a short while, from all the blinking machines, streaming videos and scrolling headlines that leave them feeling empty, and. The urgency of slowing down — to find the time and space to think — is nothing new, of course, and wiser souls have always reminded us that the more attention we pay to the moment, the less time and energy we have to place. Even half a century ago, marshall McLuhan warned, When things come at you very fast, naturally you lose touch with yourself.

5 same insert suitable article none passive voice 5 only 2 direct/indirect speech 5 only 3 rewrite sentence with it 5m same — new type. Combine sentence with had, combine with had, make exclamatory sentence with how etc. Anyways, lets check the paper itself (Thanks Kartik for sharing this paper.) 2013: Compulsory English Paper Instructions: All questions are to be attempted. The number of marks carried by a question is indicated against. Answers must be written in english only. Word limit in questions, wherever specified, should be adhered to and if answered in much longer or shorter than the prescribed length, marks will be deducted. Any page or portion of the page left blank in the answer book must be clearly struck off. Write short essays in about 300 words on each of the following (50 x 2 100 marks) we indians are hypocrites. Fitness and healthcare — latest fad in urban India.

One essay of 300 words resume 300 x 2 600 words lengthier paper reading comprehension passage worth 75 marks just 50 marks, comprehension passage just 380 words to read. 530 words more time spent in reading lengthier paper. One précis worth 75 marks. Two precise other words, reduced comprehension by 25 marks and shifted them précis portion. Précis specifically said: write 200 words. Asked you to reduce length to 1/3rd of the original passage. 1st passage537 reduce to 179 words. 2nd passage541 reduce to 180 words. Meaning, overall you had to write 360 wordsagain lengthier paper.

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Compulsory English: 2012 vs : Compulsory English Paper, essay (100m comprehension (50m). Précis 1 (60m précis 2 (40m make sentences (10m). Antonym (5m sentence correction (10m do as directed (15m fill in the Blanks (10m). Download previous papers (1997-2013)? Compulsory English: 2012 vs marks 3 hours same allowed candidates to take question paper home yes attempt any one out of five essays (100 marks). Two essays given and both compulsory. (50 x 2 100 help marks).

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