Is writing good for your brain

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Its kind of hard to know what someone is thinking when their brain is cycling through ideas, sentences, and the many automatic functions it takes to write. Our technology is advanced, but not that advanced. We could hypothesize that they are pulling memories from sentences theyve formulated in the past, stories theyve thought up before, or maybe even techniques theyve learned about storytelling. But we may never know. They also discovered that, in the expert writers brain, the regions that deal with speech and word formation (known as Brocas and Wernickes areas) are used more frequently in the brainstorming stage compared to novice writers, who tend to visualize in pictures more. This could mean that, before even putting pen to paper, expert writers are already thinking about words or phrases they are going to use to tell their story.

They recruited 20 expert writers (or, those who were attending this prestigious program) to participate in the same study, allowing Lotze and his team to discover whether expertise affects brain activity. What assignment they found was interesting. Muscle memory ok, so the brain isnt technically a muscle, but it often behaves like one. Expert athletes have trained their muscles to perform certain functions, and expert creatives can do the same with their brain. Lotze and his team of researchers discovered that, while writing down their stories, the expert writers used an additional part of their brain — the caudate nucleus. The caudate nucleus is the region of the brain that handles automatic functions, or functions that are practiced over time. For example, the act of handwriting letters on a page. You learned the letters when you were a toddler, traced them, and learned how to write them yourself. After years of practice, its now an automatic function. When that region is active, taker it means there is some form of memory involved. What kind of memories are expert writers pulling from?

is writing good for your brain

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During the brainstorming session, the occipital lobe (which helps with visualization) became more active — meaning that the subjects might have been seeing the scenes they were writing in their heads. When the actual creating began, the hippocampus and the front of shakespeare the brain became active. Lotze suggests that these regions were gathering factual information to include in the story and sorting through the different characters and plotlines available to the writer. The research shows that different parts of your brain are active at different stages of the writing process. If shown a photo of your brain, a neuroscientist could probably figure out whether youve been writing or not, and how far youve gotten in the process. But What About Expert Writers? The ones to whom brainstorming comes as second nature, and who can juggle characters and plotlines more effortlessly. Lotze and his team moved their study to the University of Hildesheim and their prestigious writing program.

is writing good for your brain

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Martin Lotze and his merry band of researchers sought shakespeare to discover what the brain looked like when engaged in a writing activity, comparing a novice writers brain to an expert writers brain as they wrote. Lotze had done multiple studies on artists brains, but never writers, because of the intricacies of the available technology. To pull off this study, lotze had to find a way to take a brain scan —more specifically an fmri — while his subjects were writing. This would require that their heads be in a gigantic, magnetized device, with limited movement, and it would require that they see what they are writing. Lotze found a way to use a series of mirrors attached to the machine (and a specially designed desk) that would allow the subjects to see their writing without having to move their head around. Then, all Lotze needed were volunteers. To gather a control level for his subjects brain waves while writing by hand, he had his 28 writers copy an excerpt. After the baseline brain activity was gathered, he had the subjects brainstorm and write a short story for three minutes. According to the research, some areas of the brain became more active when the writers were asked to come up with their own stories rather than just copy text.

Thats not how brains work. So, when people say that writers, artists, or (insert creative profession here) are brilliant because their left brain and right brain are working together, its like saying someone is alive because their heart and lungs are working together. Thats what brains. And that leads us to the main point of this article. Your Brain on Writing, we are lucky to live in an age of technology, invention, and discovery. Scientists yearn to understand how the world works and how the people who inhabit the world operate. They run tests and conduct studies until they find evidence that satisfies them. Enter Martin Lotze of the University of Greifswald in Germany.

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is writing good for your brain

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According to neurologist Barry gordon in an article. Scientific American, the entirety of our brain remains active almost all the time, and we use every part. This is doubly true when youre writing, but well get into that in a bit. Your main takeaway from this busted myth is that we do use all of our brains, and it is possible to operate at full capacity. As a side note, though, never write a story about accessing the full extent of your brain. Myth #2 The left Brain and the right Brain. The second myth that we need to bust is a very widely held belief.

That of the left brain and the right brain. Many believe that the human population can be split into two categories: the analytical left-brain thinkers and the creative right-brain thinkers. While some people can be defined by their logic and some by their creativity, its not air the side of the brain they most use that gives them those traits. Yes, its true that the brain has a left side and a right side, and that they even have some different functions (strong emphasis on some). However, one side cannot operate without the other, one side cannot dictate your personality, and there is no way for one side to be more dominant.

It could be because weve been staring at a screen for hours on end, or maybe its the growing cramp in our hands, but if you catch us sans-nap, were gonna look like zombies. From start to finish, the writing process is exhausting. We all know how difficult a first draft can be, and the edits that follow are painful and seemingly never-ending. But thats not the only reason writing drains the life out. The fact of the matter is, writing can be a very strenuous activity on the brain.

Before we get into the segment Id like to call This is your brain on drugs writing, we have a couple myths to bust. Myth #1 humans Only Use 10 of Their Brain. If youve seen the movie, lucy, or, limitless, or the. Limitless, or, the matrix, or pretty much any sci-fi movie that involves brain power, you might hold the misconception that humans only use a limited portion of their brains. This means the possibilities, should we be able to access the full extent of our brain power are i guess you could say limitless. Thats a load of hooey. Neuroscientists exist to study the brain; theyve been doing it for years and have gotten pretty good. They take their work seriously, but if you ask any one of them about the unused section of your brain, theyll probably laugh at you.

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Do you prefer to write the review old fashioned way (with pen and pencil) or do you use your smartphone to take notes? Have you ever tried journaling, and did it work for you? About the author, kaya ismail is a wordsmith and founder. He is a seasoned content marketer with a love for video games and coffee. Have you ever written for several hours, then emerged from your creative stupor feeling like youve just run a marathon? I tend to hang around a lot of writers, and our routine is as follows: wake up eat write nap eat write sleep. Notice that nap wedged in the middle of writing?

is writing good for your brain

Youll Stay sharper As you age. According to the world renowned science journal. Neurology, writing things down will keep you on top of your memory game for longer. In a press release, the studys author Robert Wilson, a neuropsychologist, said that, "Our study suggests that exercising your brain by taking part in activities such as reading and writing across a person's lifetime, from childhood through old age, is important for brain health. So, if you want to remember where you left your keys thirty years from now, i suggest you start writing more today. Start journaling, the benefits of writing things down the old fashioned way are very real, and theyll make a serious impact on your daily routine and on your life evolution as a whole. And the best part is, unlike some other life hacks out there, writing is an activity thats hugely accessible to almost all. That's why we created the 10x journal — a notebook designed to increase productivity by encouraging you to write down your daily goals and work towards them. Let us know what works for you.

always just a few taps away. Goold old fashioned paper will keep you focused and focus is the key to thinking clearer, and thinking better. It Frees up Mental ram. Your brain is like a hard drive. A multi-layered, super-epic, crazily-complex hard drive. When you note down your ideas, thoughts, and emotions, it helps your brain to unload some baggage, giving it room to think about other things. Or better yet, with all that extra space, it could even begin to relax.

Theres nothing quite like writing down a startup idea in the middle of a blank page and then branching out with a flurry of ideas. Plus, writing down your thoughts gives you a chance to explore dreams that you may not wish to share with others. It also affords you a physical space to keep track of those thoughts, and return to them later if needed. Youll learn More, a study carried out in 2010 by Indiana University found that the areas of the brain associated with learning worked far better when kids were asked to write words like "spaceship" by hand versus just studying the word off a whiteboard. So, note taking in class wasnt all for paperless nothing, after all. Youll Remember More, learning and remembering are two different things (outside of the school system, that is). Writing things down that you need to remember like checklists gives you a far better chance of actually remembering them when you have. But dont just take my word for. Association of Psychological Science reported that students who physically took notes received a memory boost particularly when compared to those who took notes via a laptop.

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Human beings have long been fond of jotting things down. Kish Tablet is the oldest written document that mankind has to hand and its almost 6,000 years old. But in todays increasingly digital world, the trusty notepad has been replaced by to-do list summary apps, and the fountain pen has been ousted by google docs. Sadly, the good old fashioned practise of putting pen to paper has lost its allure. But there are six excellent psychological reasons why you should help revive. It Helps you think bigger. Writing down your dreams, goals, and business ideas helps you brainstorm on a more ambitious scale.

is writing good for your brain
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5 reasons Writing by hand is good for the Brain and for Well-being. Essential to how we access information and how we organize our lives. The technology is out there, and here is what it tells us about your brain.

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  1. Improve your cognitive skills and calm your brain, just by writing by hand. Changing your routine with writing may benefit our brain in a healt hier. Plus, it s good to do something t that s for another article.

  2. With way too much chaos and. Writing by hand is a powerful tool for learning, relaxation, creat ivity and. Here are three proven ways that handwriting is good for your brain.

  3. Does it suggest we have special systems in our brains that have evolved for. Brain the use it or lose it idea - but there is already some good evidence for this. Besides the many measurable benefits of writing for our brains and bodies, we know that it just plain feels good.

  4. Do you feel relaxed, energized, or even more inspired than when yo u started? You aren t alone. Many people report that writing has an impact. Creative writers often say that their stories - at least during those precious.

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