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Fielding Dissertation : chapter 5: Representational

Testing the rest application Testing our application using only a web browser is not enough, especially because we would like to use the json representation of our resources. Json is widely used in rest-based applications, because this format is more compact than xml and because it can easily be used with most common programming languages, including javascript. This is the format we will use in the next articles of this series, when we use our rest resources with jquery. We have two options for testing our application: Use the test framework provided with Jersey. This framework makes it easy to do integration testing by launching, configuring, and stopping a server automatically. Use a low-level library such as Apache commons HttpClient to do the http requests manually. For a normal project, the first approach is recommended, but to get a better view of the internals of a rest application, we will use the second approach.

Select nverter for the converter package and select source for the resource package. Select the last option, Create default rest servlet adaptor in web. This option is just to make our application work on homework a non-java ee 6 container. NetBeans generates two sets of classes: Converters, which are used to map entities to an xml format using java architecture for xml binding (jaxb which is the standard java library for binding a java class to an xml format. Those classes have jaxb annotations (such as @XmlRootElement, @XmlElement, @XmlTransient) as well as a number of utility methods. Resources, which are the real rest front servqual end to our application. For each entity, there is a resource that lists all the entity's instances (ArticlesResource) and a resource that that works only on a single instance (ArticleResource). The three resources Author, Article, and Vote are now available through a rest interface. If you look at the classes in the resources package, you can see how the urls are constructed as well as the type of representations that are available for those resources: application/xml and application/json. Because we already created two authors in the previous section, test the url a web browser asks for an xml or html representation of a resource; that's why the application sends back the application/xml representation of the authorsResource: As you can see from this xml. For example, using the url, you can find the first author as well as the list of articles he has written.

fielding dissertation

Fielding Dissertation : chapter 1 : Software Architecture

Here is the resulting page: Note that the url is you can also see the same page if you click the "list all authors" link from the first page: The problem is that the url on this page is As you can see, while our. Indeed, for finding all authors in a rest way, we would have issued a get request on the url. There's also a second problem with our application: It can work only with javaserver Faces views. A true rest application can have several representations of the same resource, for example, in xml, html, pdf, javascript Object Notation (json and. Building a second, rest-based Front End Let's add a second, rest-based front end to our application. NetBeans can create all this automatically: Right-click your project, and select New restful Web Services from Entity Classes. Select wallpaper the three entities for our application.

fielding dissertation

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Create movie the last entity, vote, which has a property stars of type int (that's the number of stars an article receives in one vote a property ip of type String (that's the ip address of the user who votes, but it could instead be the. As before, generate the getter and setter for the votes list that was generated in the Article entity. In the web Pages menu node, create a new folder called jsf by right-clicking the web pages folder and selecting New other folder. Right-click your project and select New jsf pages from Entity Classes. On the second screen of the wizard, choose the jsf folder as the jsf pages folder. NetBeans generates all the necessary files and configuration, and your application should be up and running. A closer look at the sample Application we just generated create, read, update, and delete (crud) pages on top of three entities. Our application is fairly basic, but it's working correctly. Let's start by creating two authors and then clicking the "list all authors" link.

Now select, insert code add property, and add two properties, text and title, which are both of type String. Add another entity called Author, which has three properties of type String: firstName, lastName, and url. In the Article entity, add a property author of type author. Using the light bulb, create a bidirectional Manytoone relationship between the Article and the author entities. (An Article has one author, and an Author can write many Articles.). The light bulb generates an articles list in the author entity, but not in its accessors. Open the author entity, select, insert code getter and Setter, and generate the getter and setter for the articles list.

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fielding dissertation

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Let's code this application in five minutes using NetBeans and javaserver Faces. Launch NetBeans and create a new project. Choose a, java web web Application allons project type, and name this project Articleevaluator. Keep the default settings: The server is Glassfish v3 Domain and the java ee version is java ee 6 Web. In the, frameworks tab, choose only, javaserver Faces, and keep using the default library that women's comes with the server.

Your project should now be created. Right-click your project and select. This first entity is called Article and is in the package ticleevaluator. You should see a warning indicating that you do not have a configured persistence unit yet. Select, create persistence Unit, keep the default options (especially the. Use java transaction apis option and select a data source. This data source is linked to a database, which could be the java db instance provided by Glassfish or an external database, such as Oracle or mysql.

In fact, most java ee applications, especially javaserver Faces applications, do not follow this architectural style, and that's why a large part of this article is dedicated to comparing javaserver Faces and rest applications. Rest is just an architectural style, not a technology. That's why there is a java specification (. Jsr 311 ) to describe how rest should be implemented in java. There have been several implementations of this standard.

Jersey is its official reference implementation and the one that is most widely used in development and production. Jersey is also open source software, and it is backed by Oracle. Building the sample Application quickly with NetBeans and javaserver Faces. We are going to build the sample application step by step, but if you want to take a look at the final application, you can download its source code here. Our sample application is an application to vote for articles. An article has an author, and there can be several votes per article. As such, an article has three entities (or resources, to use rest terms Article, author, and Vote.

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Rest is an architectural style defined by roy. Fielding in his doctoral dissertation, which has been widely used and discussed during the last decade. It is beyond the scope of this article to describe rest in detail, but to summarize, the idea is that clients and servers communicate by sending and receiving representations essay of resources. Rest is closely tied to http. (Fielding was one of the main authors of the http protocol and of the Apache web server.) As an example, you could use the following: An http get request to receive a resource. An http post request to create a new resource. This might look fairly low-level to a java developer.

fielding dissertation

Preference will be given to anthology candidates who have at least some foreign language capability in French and who will have advanced to candidacy prior to departure). By julien Dubois, june 2010, introduction, this article is part 1 of a four-part series. It briefly introduces basic Representational State Transfer (rest) principles, and then quickly leaves theory in order to build a real-life sample application. We will use the new java platform, Enterprise Edition (java ee) 6 standard to create a classical javaserver Faces application, and we will study why this application does not follow the rest principles. Using NetBeans, we will then add a second, jersey-based view on top of our application, which will run in parallel with the javaserver Faces front end. We will then compare both approaches to determine their pros and cons. In part 2 of this series, we will look at jquery, a popular javascript framework. In parts 3 and 4, we will then plug our jquery code on top of our rest-based application to create a modern, state-of-the-art, dynamic Website. Note: This article was written and tested using NetBeans ide.8.

other short-term fellowships, my long-term experience in drc has afforded me the ability to see a project from start to finish, from the grant-writing phase to the data analyses. This fellowship has enabled me to develop the knowledge and skills to work as a successful field epidemiologist in resource-limited countries and will be invaluable in my future career as a global public health practitioner. About the faucett Fellowship, the purpose of the, faucett Fellowship is to promote global health by providing financial assistance to public health doctoral students who would like to gain practical field epidemiology experience in the democratic Republic of Congo. Eligible students must be enrolled at the ucla fielding School of Public health and must submit a project proposal that addresses a specific public health issue and outline a work plan to address. Projects should be approximately 6 months in length. Each Fellowship of up to 25,000 can be used to support student travel costs, including airfare, room and board, travel health preparation, travel insurance and/or supplies for a particular global health project. The fellowship cannot be used to cover tuition costs, school supplies, conference attendance or other non-project related expenses. Under certain circumstances, fellowships may be renewed for an additional 6-month period. Applications will be scored based on the strength of the proposal, the relevance to public health and the applicants academic and career goals, the significance to the host organization and the commitment by the host organization supervisor and/or ucla faculty mentor.

I have now had the opportunity under the faucett Fellowship and the guidance of my doctoral advisor,. Anne rimoin, to gain hands-on experience with immense benefits, which includes living abroad in a low income country with limited resources, networking with experienced public health leaders (both national and international persons participation in consultancies with large organizations including who and uncief, and experience working. It provided me with the time and flexibility necessary to develop a dynamic dissertation topic, not only important for completing my own degree objectives, but also a project which could have a major impact on disease surveillance methods and data compilation and analysis within the. I have had the time to foster meaningful relationships with others in the public health field, including those within the countrys Ministry of health, which allowed me unparalleled access to data and information at a country level with the support of those in the programs. The support and generosity from the faucett Fellowship have been and will essay continue to play a central role in the completion of my doctoral dissertation and experiences in the field necessary for future employment. With this fellowship, i have the gained confidence, knowledge, skills and soon a completed degree which will make me a sought after candidate in the field of international public health with a focus on epidemiology of emerging infectious diseases. Through the generous support of the faucet Family foundation fellowship, i have had the opportunity to obtain hands on epidemiologic field experience in a resource-low setting. Through my doctoral studies, i have gained a superior methodological foundation of epidemiological skills, and in drc, i have had the opportunity to apply these skills in my own dissertation research.

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Through a generous gift from the faucett Catalyst Fund, we have been able to set up the. Faucett Fellowship to provide financial assistance to ucla doctoral students who are interested in gaining practical field epidemiology experience and training in the democratic Republic of the congo (DRC). Our first two faucett Fellows describe their experience in the program below. From the fellows: What the faucett Fellowship means to my twist future as a leader in public health. Candidate, faucett Fellow, ucla fielding School of Public health. The faucett Fellowship has been a prestigious award which has allowed me to live, study and participate on multiple projects based in the democratic Republic of Congo, and gain invaluable field experience for an extended period of time. Before starting my doctoral degree at ucla fielding School of Public health, i had limited opportunities for long term international experiences which included hands on work in a collaborative environment.

fielding dissertation
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Fielding, chief Scientist at day software, and formerly Chairman of the Apache software foundation, examined the concept of Open Architecture. At last year s jazoon, fielding.

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  1. Fielding was responsible for inventing the term, it could be argued that he s the final authority on rest. Myers completed his dissertation focusing on computational modeling and experimentation of smart material driven micro-electro-mechanical systems. Before starting my doctoral degree at ucla. Fielding, school of Public health, i had limited opportunities for long term international experiences which included hands on work in a collaborative environment.the morning, roy.

  2. Rest is an abbreviation for Representational State Transfer and is an architecture style for network-based software.effectively communicate research results, and to allow for the development of research ideas that could be expanded for future opportunities. The oral presentation provides training in presentation skills and fielding. Rest is an architectural style defined by roy. Fielding in his doctoral dissertation, which has been widely used and discussed during the last decade.research paper my essay writing reviews dissertation how to essay writing the day i met my best friend community service 5 paragraph essay criminal justice essay introduction Greg graffins dissertation.

  3. The PhD involves specialized coursework and a major original research effort the dissertation. Below, you can learn more about the PhD degree programs offered by each department. BrightRoll ( m ) is looking for all kinds of engineers, especially server side hackers to work on composing internal services into public, rest apis (we take the.

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