I am writing to enquire about the possibility

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By mary morel, readers question: Whats the difference between inquire and enquire and inquiry and enquiry? Answer: Enquire/enquiry and inquire/inquiry, can be used interchangeably. Pam Peters, in, the cambridge guide to English Usage, says: given no consistent ways of differentiating the two spellings, and the fact that differentiation is unnecessary, it makes sense to consolidate the use of one or the other. Inquire and inquiry recommend themselves as the spellings made first among equals by the. Oxford Dictionary, and the fact that they are strongly preferred in North America. Although I can see the logic in just using inquire, i use enquire to ask, and inquiry for an official investigation. I think this is quite a common distinction in Australian and British English.

Q: so how come the Americans get it so easy? A: maybe because they proactively chose to make their language simpler over the past 200 years. (Read about some of it here.) meanwhile the uk/Australian way continues to be a more passive hand-me-down grab bag of lucky dips and mismatched rules. Or is it a simile? A: Well do that another time. A: One final thing we will say is that regardless of which form you choose, beware of perhaps one of the most common errors that spell check wont pick. And thats writing enquires when you mean to put enquiries paper or vice versa. Q: good point, and if I have any further enquires, Ill let you know. A: wait, you just never mind. Want to be first to read our q a spots? Then sign up to our Thursday weekly newsletter!

i am writing to enquire about the possibility

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Q: Yes, thats what we were talking about earlier. A: An example like there will be an official inquiry into why last weeks q a was so long uses inquiry in a larger, event context. An inquiry in that case could contain many enquiries. So that isnt the same meaning and is always with. Q: And newspapers tend to just use the i version for everything. A: Certainly the fairfax Style guide prescribes using only the i version. For practical reasons it makes sense to opt for just one.

i am writing to enquire about the possibility

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Words like quest, require, question and acquire share a similar back story without the evil twin subplot. Q: do insure and ensure follow a similar path? A: They sure do in for Latin, en for French. However, their meanings arent so close as to cause a similar problem. Insure is what insurance does, ensure is to do or have something to guarantee success. (Please ensure youve packed plenty of reading material.). Q: so whats the official Australian stance on inquire vs enquire? A: Macquarie dictionary places its definition with the i variant, but also acknowledges that the forms are interchangeable. They go on to say that some organisations, such as newspapers, tend to standardise on the i form, but also say that there are those who make a distinction between, for example, an official inquiry and an informal enquiry.

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i am writing to enquire about the possibility

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It has a yellow front door. My neighbour is Janice, she is 67 and she waters her garden every evening in her swimming costume. A: Not quite what we meant. If you live in the usa, youll generally use the i version for everything inquiry, inquire, inquiries. And theyd argue that it makes sense, what with inquest and inquisitive existing only as i variants.

Q: Hmm, well personally ive always personal used enquire or enquiries or enquiry for almost everything. The only time Id go with the i is for something like a police inquiry or the liberal party held their fifth formal inquiry of the week today. A: youve touched on a usage method common throughout uk, australia and New zealand. Thats where enquiry is thought of more as an informal request (to ask while an inquiry is a formal, official investigation. Q: yeah thats the one. So which one is correct? The original Latin was inquirere (from quaerere, meaning seek) with Old French word enquerre deriving from that.

As you can see, the two are used for distinctly different situations. Where American English is concerned, if you are unsure of the form to use, stick to using inquire or inquiry. However, if you are writing for a publication you should ask about the house style before you begin. Where British English is concerned, you should definitely adhere to the rules above; using inquiry where enquiry is appropriate will appear wrong to English readers. Each week, we chat about the quirks and anomalies of the English language.

This week, an inquiry into enquiring and inquiring. Q: hi awc, its Valentines day this weekend. Is that apostrophe correct? A: Sure is the day belongs to St Valentine. The long form is of course St Valentines day, also known as Roses cost how much? So now that weve got that out of the way, id like to enquire about enquire vs inquire i know one of your readers wanted to hear about this, and quite frankly, so. A: Alright, well this one is quite subjective, depending on where you live and even where you work. Q: I live in a house.

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Think about the two words like this: to make an enquiry, and to inquire. An inquiry is used for a formal investigation, or to inquire plan into a problem. An enquiry or to enquire is the general sense of ask. So lets look at some examples: i enquired about the holiday booking. I think i will make an enquiry. I hope the police open an inquiry into the murder. We need to inquire properly into this incident.

i am writing to enquire about the possibility

Questions, i am writing to enquire _the possibility of hiring a conference room at the hotel on the 2nd of September. A) Of, b) About, c) Into, d) after (Accenture question). Asked by sakshi pandey, compile Program. I received an email from a reader asking me resume to explain the difference between inquire and enquire. This is an interesting one so thank you tom from Arizona for prompting this post. What you will find is that most websites say you can use these two words interchangeably, and if you are writing American English that is generally the case. Enquire and enquiry are more commonly found in British English, and inquire and inquiry are more common in us english, for both informal questions and formal investigations. However, if you want to be absolutely grammatically correct, or you are writing British English, you should consider the following.

Every information is typed flush left, with additional one-inch margin surrounding the letter. Business Greeting Letter Example. Business greeting and encouragement letters express legitimate support and motivation for their achievements. Business Letter Enclosure notation, sample business letter enclosure notation is usually written to serve the official purpose when some other documents regarding the business deal is required. Sample business Letter of Intent, business letter of intent is generally addressed by business organizations who intend to come together for business with another business companion. Business marketing letter is a frequently used formal letter in business organizations. It is written to serve the business/ market condition/ new product promotion and.

Jacob been 34/5 Millais avenues 7, new Lane, canada 24547. Henrico foster, head Business Marketing 5, yellow Towers, ultimate Streets. Canada 69059, date:, subject: Business Enquiry letter essays for the catalogue. Henrico foster, i am writing this letter in order to enquire about the interior designing catalogue for my newly constructed home as we have discussed over the phone on 31 January, 2014. I would like to see your designs and select some for my home. With reference to my requirement send me some samples of maple wood designs for my living area and sandal wood for my bedroom. You are also requested to enclose the piece list and your charges with the catalogue. Kindly send your representative at my home to check out the place where these designed would be placed. Your prompt response is anticipated.

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Business enquiry letters are formal letters addressed to some individual or an organization to put some inquiry or to ask some question regarding business. It is a professional mode of asking questions. This letter is used by an organization for enquiry. It could homework be for asking about the offers/ products or services provided by some company. Such letters are quite similar to regular business letter writing. It can be written in a straight style to make reader more comfortable. Sample business Enquiry letter, from,.

i am writing to enquire about the possibility
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How to, write an Email Asking for an Internship. You could write : i am reachable by phone or email. If you cannot get back to me, i will call you.

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  1. I am pleased to write this letter on behalf of my longtime friend Friends Name. I need sample letter fro immigration status of my application? Id like to enquire about enquire vs inquire. The australian Writers Centre offers courses in creative writing.

  2. What is the correct Form when writing the time :. I am writing this letter in order to enquire about the interior designing catalogue for my newly constructed home. 8 Tips to write a business Enquiry letter.

  3. Question - to whom it may concern, i am writing to enquire about -. Find the answer to this and other Family law questions on JustAnswer. The traditional distinction between enquire and inquire is that enquire is to be used for.

  4. Just provide your details and follow the link in your confirmation email. I am writing to enquire _the possibility of hiring a conference room at the hotel on the 2nd of September. A) Of B) About C) Into D) after.

  5. And if you are writing, american English that is generally the case. Enquire and enquiry are more commonly found in British English. Subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter about grammar and writing.

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