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They are stones of a vast magnitude and wonderful quality; and if they can be placed here, as they are there, round this spot of ground, they will stand forever." At these words of Merlin, aurelius burst into laughter, and said, "How is it possible. They are mystical stones, and of a medicinal virtue. The giants of old brought them from the farthest coasts of Africa, and placed them in Ireland, while they inhabited that country. Their design in this was to make baths in them, when they should be taken with any illness. For their method was to wash the stones, and put their sick into the water, which infallibly cured them. With the like success they cured wounds also, adding only the application of some herbs. There is not a stone there which has not some healing virtue." When the Britons heard this, they resolved to send for the stones, and to make war upon the people of Ireland if they should offer to detain them.

For this purpose he summoned together several carpenters and masons, and commanded them to employ the utmost of their art, in contriving some new structure, for a lasting monument to those great men. But they, in diffidence of their own skill, refusing to undertake it, Tremounus, archbishop of the city of Legions, went to the king, and said, "If any one living is able to execute your commands, merlin, the prophet of Vortegirn, is the man. In my opinion there is not in all your kingdom a person of a brighter genius, either in predicting future events, or in mechanical contrivances. Order him to come to you, and exercise his skill in the work which you design." Whereupon Aurelius, after he had asked a great many questions concerning him, despatched several messengers into the countries to find him out, and bring him to him. After passing through several provinces, they found him in the country of the gewisseans, at the fountain of Galabes, which he frequently resorted. As soon as they had delivered their message to him, they conducted him to the king, who received him with joy, and, being curious to hear some of his wonderful speeches, commanded him to prophesy. Merlin made answer: "Mysteries of this kind are not to be revealed but when there is the greatest necessity for. If I should pretend to utter them either for ostentation or diversion, the spirit that instructs me would be silent, and would leave me when I should have occasion for." When he had made the same refusal to all the rest good present, the king. "If you are desirous said Merlin, " to honor the burying-place of these men with an everlasting monument, send for the giant's Dance Stonehenge, which is in Killaraus, a mountain in Ireland. For there is a structure of stones there, which none of this age could raise, without a profound knowledge of the mechanical arts.

essay on visit to a temple

My first Visit at the hindu temple Essay - 998 Words bartleby

Soon afterward, the grotto was buried beneath a landslide, giving rise to the tradition that short fairies had taken their revenge for the stone's removal. In spite of the gardener's warning, the stone was recovered and since 1922 has been on display in the Swansea museum. The "fairy language" mentioned above is a badly weathered Latin inscription. England The enemies Saxons being now entirely reduced, the king Aurelius summoned the consuls and princes of the kingdom together at York, where he gave orders for the restoration of the churches, which the saxons had destroyed. From hence he went to winchester, to repair the ruins of it, as he did of other cities; and when the work was finished there, he went, at the instance of Bishop Eldad, to the monastery near kaercaradoc, now Salisbury, where the consuls and princes. At this place was a convent that maintained three hundred friars, situated on the mountain of Ambrius, who, as is reported, had been the founder. The sight of the place where the dead lay, made the king, who was of a compassionate temper, shed tears, and at last enter upon thoughts, what kind of monument to erect upon. For he thought something ought to be done to perpetuate the memory of that piece of ground, which was honored with the bodies of so many noble patriots, that died for their country.

essay on visit to a temple

My first Visit at the hindu temple Essay - religion

Campbell's title for this piece is "The battle between the Craignish people and the lochluinnich Norwegians at Slugan." Return to the table of contents. Wales fairies were constantly seen on a fine evening by Clwyda'r Banwan (the banwan Gates dancing within the rings; but since the wonderful stone (on which was written fairy language in their characters, for nobody had ever understood them) had been removed from the center. But they had their revenge; for no sooner had the grotto, which cost Lady mackworth thousands of pounds, been finished, than one evening - oh! I shall never forget it! there was thunder and lightning and rain, such as was never seen or heard before; and next morning the grotto had disappeared, for the hill behind it fell over it, and has hidden it forever; and woe betide the man that will dare. When the storm abated we all heard the fairies laughing heartily. Westwood, "Early Inscribed Stones of Wales Archaeologia cambrensis, series 3, vol. This account was given by a gardener who claimed to have personally experienced the event. In about 1835 the stone (according to modern scholars a roman mom grave marker) was removed from its original site and placed in a garden grotto at the Gnoll, an estate overlooking neath, a town in south Wales.

The stone stands to the present day in the middle of the field, and in some of its crevices were seen, not many years ago, small pieces of mortar. Scotland The norwegians once made a sudden descent from their ships on the lower end of Craignish. The inhabitants, taken by surprise, fled in terror to the upper end of the district, and halted not until they reached the Slugan (gorge) of Gleann-Domhuinn, or the deep Glen. There, however, they rallied under a brave young man, who threw himself at their head, and slew, either with a spear or an arrow, the leader of the invaders. This inspired the Craignish men with such courage that they soon drove back their disheartened enemies across Barbreck river. The latter, in retreating, carried off the body of their fallen leader, and buried it afterwards on a place on Barbreck farm, which is still called Dùnan-Amhlaidh, or Olav's mound. The Craignish men also raised a stone at Slugan to mark the spot where Olav fell. Source: Lord Archibald Campbell, waifs and Strays of Celtic Tradition, argyllshire series, vol. 1 (London: david Nutt, 1889.

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essay on visit to a temple

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Upon the first day of every new year the common people, from all parts of the country, met at the kirk of Stainhouse (Stennis each person assignment having provision for four or five days; they continued there for that time dancing and feasting in the kirk. This meeting gave the young people an opportunity of seeing each other, which seldom failed in making four or five marriages every year; and to secure each other's love, till an opportunity of celebrating their nuptials, they had resource to the following solemn engagements: The. This ceremony was held so very sacred in those times that the person who dared to break the engagement made here was counted infamous, and excluded all society. Black's source: george low, a tour through the Islands of Orkney and Schetland, containing Hints Relative to Their Ancient, modern, and Natural History, collected in 1774 (Kirkwall: William peace and Son, 1879. The "Temple of the moon" is a circle of standing stones also known as the "Ring of Stennis." The "Temple of the sun" is a circle of standing stones also known as the "Ring of Brogar." Return to the table resume of contents. Scotland Druidical circles and monoliths were looked upon with awe; and there were few that would have dared to remove them. Here is a tradition of a monolith on the farm of Achorrachin in Glenlivet.

The farmer was building a steading, and took the stone as a lintel to a byre door. Disease fell upon the cattle, and most unearthly noises were heard during the night all round the steading. There was no peace for man or beast. By the advice of a friend, the stone was taken from the wall and thrown into the river that ran past the farm. Still there was no peace. The stone was at last put into its old place in the middle of a field. Things then returned to their usual course.

Return to the table of contents. Orkney islands a young man had seduced a girl under promise of marriage, and she proving with child, was deserted by him: The young man was called before session; the elders were particularly severe. Being asked by the minister the cause of so much rigor, they answered, "you do not know what a bad man this is; he has broke the promise of Odin." being further asked what they meant by the promise of Odin, they put him. It was said that a child passed through the hole when young would never shake with palsy in old age. Up to the time of its destruction, it was customary to leave some offering on visiting the stone, such as a piece of bread, or cheese, or a rag, or even a stone. The Odin stone, long the favorite trysting-place in summer twilights of Orkney lovers, was demolished in 1814 by a sacrilegious farmer, who used its material to assist him in the erection of a cowhouse.

This misguided man was a ferry-louper (the name formerly given to strangers from the south and his wanton destruction of the consecrated stone stirred so strongly the resentment of the peasantry in the district that various unsuccessful attempts were made to burn his house and. Source: county folk-lore, vol. 3: Examples of Printed Folk-lore concerning the Orkney shetland Islands, collected. Black and edited by northcote. Thomas (London: Folk-lore society, 1903. Black's sources: Principal Gordon of the Scots College at Paris in Archæologia scotica, vol. Thomas in Archæologia, vol. Daniel Gorrie, summers and Winters in the Orkneys, 2nd. Orkney islands There was a custom among the lower class of people in this country which has entirely subsided within these twenty or thirty years.

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Links to related sites. Ashliman's folktexts, a library of folktales, folklore, fairy tales, and mythology. Orkney islands The most stately monument of this sort circles of detached stones in Scotland, and probably inferior to none in England, excepting Stonehenge, is summary formed by what are called the Standing Stones of Stenhouse, in the island of Pomona in the Orkneys, where. At least, it is certain, that the common people now consider it as a scandinavian monument; and, according to an ancient custom, best a couple who are desirous to attach themselves by more than an ordinary vow of fidelity, join hands through the round hole which. This they call the promise of Odin. Source: Sir Walter Scott, "Essay on Border Antiquities." This article formed the introduction to a two-volume work, first published in 1814, under the title border Antiquities of England and Scotland: Comprising Specimens of Architecture and Sculpture, vol. 1 (London: Longman, hurst, rees, Orme, and Brown, 1814.

essay on visit to a temple

Morin (Germany,. The Adam's Dance of Wirchow (Germany,. The hun Graves at Züssow (Germany,. Runestones and Picture Stones from Scandinavia (a selection of photographs).

Merlin Transports the giant's Dance Stonehenge from Ireland to England (England, geoffrey of Monmouth). The White cow of Mitchell's Fold (England, Charlotte sophia burne and georgina. The merry internet maidens (England, daniel Bowen Craigue). Rollright (England, james Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps). Legend of the rollright Stones (England, Thomas Wright). Table-mên: The saxon Kings' visit to the land's-End (England, robert Hunt). King Arthur's Stone (England, robert Hunt). The witches of the logan Stone (England, robert Hunt).

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Stone monument Legends edited and/or translated by,. University of Pittsburgh, the Standing Stones of Stenhouse (Orkney islands, sir Walter writing Scott). The Stone of Odin (Orkney islands,. The temple of the moon, the temple of the sun, and Wodden's Stone (Orkney islands,. Druidical Circles and, monoliths (Scotland, walter Gregor). Olav's mound and the raised Stone at Slugan (Scotland, lord Archibald Campbell). The Gnoll fairy Stone (Wales,.

essay on visit to a temple
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  1. The temple Institute is dedicated to teaching the significance of the holy temple to the spiritual well being of all nations, and creating vessels and garments ready for use in the Third Temple service. The rock radio awards were held at the hard Rock cafe in Las Vegas on Friday february 23rd, 2018 and for the fifth-straight time lou brutus was the winner as Best Nationally syndicated dj in America. Reading Romans in Context: paul and Second Temple judaism Ben. Goodrich, jason Maston, Francis Watson.

  2. Iranian religious places: Christian, muslim and Zoroastrian important religious places to visit. Featuring Esfahan, yazd, tehran, Chak-chak, mashhad, qom. The Christmas tree: Pagan origins, Christian adaptation and secular status.

  3. The word which Isaiah the son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem. It shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the house of the lord shall be established as the highest of the mountains, and shall be raised above the hills; and all the nations shall flow to it, and many. The temple of the moon, The temple of the sun, and Wodden's Stone Orkney islands There was a custom among the lower class of people in this country which has entirely subsided within these twenty or thirty years.

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  5. Join us for a general information session on an upcoming Transfer tuesday. Apply for admission and get your decision instantly on Transfer Decision day. The temple mount has historical and religious significance for all three of the major Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and has particular religious significance for Judaism and Islam, and the competing claims of these faith communities has made it one of the most contested religious sites.

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