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He is violent towards them all, breaking joes arm, grabbing Miles by the throat, and shaking Harry. He shows them no love whatsoever. Why is he like this? The suggestion is that he is in pain: his wife has died, his brother as well. He has a hard life diving for abalone and he drinks to ease the pain. Now, the relationship the boys share with their father is the absolute heart of the book. To leave him so thinly drawn gives the impression of a hollow place in the writing. I cant empathise with him, i cant understand him, and therefore the seven-eighths of emotion below the water is missing whenever he is on the page.

The book is rounded out by the repetition of a scene we see early in the book; only this time we see it from Miles point of view. He is at the beach with his brother Harry, who is searching about for beachy treasures, shells, driftwood, and cuttlefish. The waves are calling to miles, but he puts his board aside to help Harry with his hunt. It is small moment, pitifully small, but the emotion behind it is so clear and full and desperately sad that it would move even the most cynical. The lesson hart of Hemmingways iceberg has never been more dutifully applied. There are dangers in writing this way though, and heres what Hemingway had to say about them: If a writer of prose knows enough about what he is writing about he may omit things he knows and the reader, if the writer is writing truly. This is all well and good. But a writer, he said, who omits things because he does not know them only makes hollow places in his writing. It is a fine distinction between suggesting that the iceberg has another seven-eighths, and exposing it as hollow. While favel Parrett manages to maintain the balance for the most part, there are places where the iceberg seems to have melted. Foremost of these is in her handling of the boys father.

the shallows book review

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You can respect prose like this, in the same way you respect gruff old fishermen, but like a gruff old fisherman you dont want to spend too much time with. But her instinct to avoid sentiment at any price has pay-offs as well. When, in a few lines of poetry, the elevation of that skeletally thin voice arrives, it shows us something we dont expect. Miles paddling out on his surfboard: he lived for this, for these moments when everything stops except your heart beating and movie time bends and ripples moves past your eyes frame by frame and you feel beyond time and before time and no one can touch. This is terrific stuff. The splitting of that sentence around the em-dash, the equal weighting it takes either side, suggests the unspooling of time that Miles is experiencing and delivers something beyond words, an insight that we see and feel at the same time. There is more than a little tim Winton.

the shallows book review

The, shallows, nicholas Carr

In their airtight world that feels like a crushing blow. Hachette publishing, the dignity of oliver movement of an iceberg, hemingway said, is due to only one-eighth of it being above the water. The other seven-eighths of a book, the emotional core, must exist below the surface, its existence called into the readers mind by the truthfulness of what is written. To write this emotion, this hidden part, hemingway would tell us, is to descend into sentiment. Its a lesson favel Parrett has taken to heart. The language in which she operates is so spare, so devoid of pyrotechnics, that it feels journalistic. She denies us, for the most part, even the music of rhythm and melody. Miles on the beach: It was cloudy and overcast, but light was still reflecting off the water and it hurt his eyes. Or Miles in the car: he rested his head down against the cool window and his cheek and face vibrated with the buzz of the engine, the movement of the car on the road.

Tasmanians know better than anyone what sort of place we live. Showing it back to us truthfully, as favel Parrett does, is more likely to win you respect than scorn. And, past The Shallows is a remarkably truthful book. The three brothers at the centre of the story, joe, miles, harry, lead odd, stunted lives, their emotions trimmed until they grow in miniature. Their reality is day-to-day, meal-to-meal. Only joe seems to grasp at something beyond the small town where they live. He is old enough to get out, but not old enough to takes his brothers with him.

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the shallows book review

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But its not all bad news. Some of the research shows that the internet can possibly help sharpen aging brains in a way similar to solving crossword puzzles (Gary Small, professor of psychiatry at ucla, paraphrased by carr). And not all mixed media is harmful to information processing; it was found that carefully designed presentations that combined audio and visual resume explanations or instructions can enhance students learning. But Id say the the main issue is that most sites and pages are not carefully constructed for learning and are, in fact, built to focus on increasing ease of information skimming and gathering. Though there are some benefits, we are making huge sacrifices for convenient, bite-sized information. By consistently using the internet and digital media, we revert to being mere decoders of information. Our ability to make the rich mental connections that form when we read deeply and without distraction remains largely disengaged (Carr, with" from Maryanne wolf).

Miles franklin review: The winner of the 2012 Miles Franklin Award will be announced this week. In preparation, The conversation brings you academic reviews of the five novels shortlisted for Australias biggest literary prize. Favel Parrett told me once that shed been worried about what Tasmanians would make of her book. Its as windswept and desolate as the coast she describes, and does the island no favours. She was concerned that we might, in one way or another, find offence in it, perhaps in the depictions of cruelty, of cruel fathers and cruel weather. She had only spent a small part of her life on the island, but the significance of it stayed with her, as it does with most people. Of course, she had nothing to worry about.

Our little thimble overflows as we rush from one faucet to the next When the load exceeds our minds ability to sort and process the information when the water overflows the thimble were unable to retain the information or to draw connections with the information. Also, merely having links present creates an unexpected cognitive burden; various experiments cited that even having to stop and evaluate a links worth interrupts our thought process and weakens our ability to comprehend and retain what we are reading. Studies comparing readers using hypertexts documents versus control groups using a linear format showed that hypertext readers were much more confused about plot and details. In another study, test subjects with linear content scored considerably higher on a subsequent comprehension test and readers comprehension declined as the number of hyperlinks increased. By adding links to our copy, we encourage readers to click and gather more information from other sources, segmenting their exposure to our content and decreasing their ability to truly comprehend and process.

As an interesting aside for web developers, carr also highlights research from Jacob nielsen. Using eye-tracking software, neilsen discovered that users generally read information in an F shape on the page, and he summed up his findings by saying the f is for fast. Thats how users read your precious content. He found that when word count increased, the time spent on a page only slightly increased. For every hundred additional words, the average viewer will spend just.4 more seconds perusing the page. Since even the most accomplished readers can only read about 18 words.4 seconds, you know people are barely seeing, let alone reading and processing, your content.

The, shallows : What the, internet Is doing to our Brains

What were experiencing is, in a metaphorical sense, a reversal of the essay early trajectory of civilization; we are evolving from being cultivators of personal knowledge to being hunters and gatherers in the electronic data forest. nicholas Carr, The, shallows : What the Internet Is doing to our Brains. Chapter 7 of Carrs book is full of information and research results leading to the same conclusion: internet use encourages cursory reading, hurried and distracted thinking, and superficial learning, even when exposure is minimal. Carr oliver spends ample time presenting plenty of evidence to support his point. Contrary to earlier expectations of technology liberating readers and adding depth through increased connectivity of information, it has actual barred us in a shallow pool of facts that we can barely grasp, let alone synthesize. It is debated by researchers that we can hold about 2 7 elements of information in out working memory at a given time. Carr depicts this function in a terrific way: Imagine filling a bathtub with a thimble; thats the challenge involved in transferring information from working memory into long-term memory When we read a book, the information faucet provides a steady drip With the net, we face.

the shallows book review

Given her medical training, our heroine can turn a wet suit into a tourniquet or use her necklace to stitch up a nasty gash. As Nancy waits for a rescue, she pours out her feelings to a wounded seagull who seems to represent her dead mom. (I'm figuring the shark is a symbolic warning not to quit school.) It's all patently ridiculous. But Collet-Serra and lively show no mercy in hooking us with the b-movie tension. Science book review: The Shallows: What the Internet Is doing to our Brains by nicholas trilogy Carr. Watch queue, queue _count total loading. Transcript, the interactive transcript could not be loaded. M, this is the summary of The. Shallows : What the Internet Is doing to our Brains by nicholas Carr.

the beach and the video footage shows the surfers getting gobbled up good by the shark. Back on the beach, we watch lively's stunt double hang 10 and ride a huge wave in which the shark can be seen in chilling outline. Otherwise nancy's alone out there. Previously, the guys — no slouches at exposition — had told her about a jagged rock 200 yards off shore that you can only see at low tide. Will Nancy need that rock when the shark strands her in the water? Will studios continue to charge top dollar for tickets to movies that strain credulity to the snapping point? The rest of the movie shows Nancy and the shark dueling for dominance.

Her kid sister wishes she could join resume her. Her dad is still angry that Nancy wants to drop out of medical school — mom's death hit her hard. At first, nancy encounters a different kind of predator. Two mexican surfer dudes are already in her space in the otherwise deserted cove. And one's conveniently wearing a gopro camera on his head. They casually hit on her to join them. She smiles but hangs back.

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Who doesn't want to see a hot blonde in a bikini get movie attacked by a great white shark? That kind of crass Hollywood thinking is all you need to spawn a summer throwaway like. The, shallows ; it's one of those movie titles that serves as its own review. But while this nailbiter sure as hell ain't swimming in the same classic waters. Jaws, it gets the jolting job done. Blake lively, who's always been a better actress then her. Gossip Girl beginnings would suggest, plays Nancy, a med student looking for some alone time on her late mom's favorite mexican beach. Armed with a surfboard and a cell phone, nancy uses FaceTime chat to call home and establish her Texas backstory.

the shallows book review
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  1. An iceberg in treacherous waters: favel Parretts Past the Shallows. And Past, the Shallows is a remarkably truthful book.

  2. 3 thoughts on the shallows : chapter 7 pingback: the shallows : chapter 8 « how we watch. As jean-Luc Godard famously never said: All you need for a movie is a girl and a great white shark. The Shallows presupposes is that adding a cute seagull, a rotting whale, and a few gopro cameras to the mix probably wouldnt hurt. Unequivocally the best shark movie since jaws.

  3. That kind of crass Hollywood thinking is all you need to spawn a summer throwaway like. The Shallows ; it s one of those movie titles that serves as its own review. But while this nailbiter sure as hell ain. Book reviews ; relevant lit; hww on facebook; Sidebar.

  4. Book review : Nicholas Carr, The Shallows : What the Internet is doing to our Brains. The 2015 Summit reads Community. Book, the Shallows : What the Internet Is doing to our Brains, by nicholas Carr, is a timely read for our modern era of hyperconnectivity. Who doesn t want to see a hot blonde in a bikini get attacked by a great white shark?

  5. the Shallows. Book, series; The Shallows ;. M This is the summary. The Shallows : What the Internet Is doing to our Brains by nicholas Carr.

  6. In 2008, science and technology writer Nicholas Carr asked in The Atlantic if google is making us stupid. His latest book is an effort to answer that question and, more broadly, to explore how the tools of the Internet age are altering the way people find and use information. The new York post said that the shark was more interesting than Blake lively and then proceeded to write a review.

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